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Fair Hill MTB XC

Wow. What a race. (Elisabeth’s race report.)


Squad goals actualized.

*My thoughts going in:*

1. This is known as a “Fitness course” or “roadie course.” I’d never raced nor ridden it before, but I was told to expect wide open trail, lots of fast cornering, and long road stretches. I’m feeling fit-ish, but my strengths are more on the technical end. Keep expectations measured.
2. Start fast, stay fast, act like it’s a cyclocross race. See above.
3. Get low when it’s techy. Pay attention to my body position on the bike to maximize speed. Send it on the jumps.
4. New cornering styles when possible. Big new thing learned at camp was a major adjustment to my body weighting and positioning while cornering. Plan to use it, but also don’t run into trees trying to figure it out.
5. Pedal the descents. I’d hit the Pumptrack Connector Trail in Belmont on Saturday and set my fastest time ever by really staying on the pedals. Carry that thought into the race.
6. Earn your turns. At the top of each climb or rise, ramp the speed back up before allowing myself a bit of recovery.
7. Pack a CO2 just in case. Noticing a bit of a ding in my rear rim when cleaning the bike Saturday, Willem strongly suggested I bring CO2 with me. This proved to be a very useful bit of advice.
8. Don’t give up. No matter what place you’re in, don’t settle in.


It was so fun to line up with such a big women’s elite field, including Meghan making her first appearance in the Elites!! 

*The race itself:*

The weather was beautiful and it was so fun to be lined up at the start, seeing friends I hadn’t seen since the end of cyclocross season and making new friends on the start line. We went off fast, and I led the charge up the hill, with Roz squeaking by for a few seconds in her very fast starting way. I got back around before we hit the trail, then led the whole first lap, stretching my lead over chasers Emma and Lauren in a few sections. I caught a bunch of air on the downhill jumps. My back end felt really sluggish up the climb at the end of the lap, but I told myself it was nothing, just a soul-sucking gravel climb.


Leading on lap 1, with Emma and Lauren chasing.

I came through the feed zone with a bit of a gap. Hit the first turn into the second lap and confirmed I had burped out a considerable amount of air and had a flat. Fumbled through using a CO2 to boost air back in as riders cruised by. I got a bunch of air back in, hopped back on and chased HARD. I was back into 3rd place half a lap later. I missed my second bottle going through the feed zone, very thankful to have made the decision to wear a hydration pack, but worried about not having enough nutrition to sustain my effort. A third of the way in to lap 3, I saw a glimpse of Emma up ahead. The masters guy I was with encouraged me on, I caught her, and then rode with her, following her great line choices for a stretch. I could tell I was really pushing her pace, and eventually I broke away clean into second place, wondering if there was any possible hope of seeing the front of the race again. As I hit the finishing climbs, there was Lauren. I was closing in, but without enough course left to make it happen. Came within 30 seconds at the finish.

*The aftermath:*

It’s hard to be too bummed about a mechanical when you can’t really believe you were able to recover from it and chase back so hard. It was a new experience for me to be leading out the pro race, setting the tempo at the front and working to open and extend my lead whenever possible. Knowing later how close I was to getting back into first, I should’ve passed Emma sooner, as I was definitely settling into her pace a little once I’d caught her. But what I’m most proud of is my mental game. After the flat, I could’ve (and in the past likely would’ve) told myself that 4th place was still good, or that making it back up to 3rd was surely enough of an accomplishment. Instead, I kept pushing, kept chasing as if I were the only one out there doing a time trial. Sure, there’s a bit of bittersweetness knowing I came so close to my first elite win, but I know I learned way more about myself as a racer because of how the race shook out.


Gotta love giant novelty checks, and trying to do a safe Mid-Atlantic Podium Jump with them!

Moreover, I was so, so stoked on how our whole squad did. We had seven racers across deep Open/Pro and Cat 2 19-35 fields, and five of us were on the podium. Shout out to Trek for making elite payouts equal for women and men!


Elisabeth 2nd, Open/Pro

Emma 3rd, Open/Pro

Meghan 7th, Open/Pro

Caitlin 1st, Cat 2 19-35

Erica 3rd, Cat 2 19-35

Michaela 4th, Cat 2 19-35

Sam 7th, Cat 2 19-35

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Philly Phlyer 2018

The Cat Squad repeated our 2nd place performance in the TTT for the third year in a row! Emma and Elisabeth returned this year, joined by Mary and Caitlin. This year, our biggest point of pride (heh. pride. like lions.) was bringing all four of us to the top of the climb together, with the front two finishing just a couple seconds ahead of the other two. We were just 10 seconds off our first place rivals, the Mathletes, and we’re super proud of our strong teamwork.

Our top two finishers, Caitlin and Mary, quickly hit the reset button to line up for the 3/4 circuit race, where they were joined by teammate Knar.

Image uploaded from iOS (1)

All three stayed in the front group until the final selections, with Caitlin finishing 12th, Knar making a late last-lap surge up the climb to claim 14th, and Mary coming in 18th.

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Rule Changes 2018: Where We Stand

donut catIt’s that time of the year when cycling associations get together to plan for the seasons ahead, and in Pennsylvania, home state of Team Laser Cats, there are five rule changes on the table this year. The association meets Saturday, February 10th.

Here’s a guide to where we stand. We’ve copied the text of the proposal, and provide our rationale for supporting below.

View the list of proposals here.  Continue reading


Slow Burn

Musings on a long cyclocross season.

by Elisabeth Reinkordt

Two World Cups in the Midwest. I had to go to one of them. It was just too tempting to pass up, a homecoming and friend reunion of sorts, a great way to use some frequent flyer miles, a gracious offer of host housing, and the chance to both race against and then cheer for the top riders in the world. Sure, it would be brutally hot, my Achilles heel, but I couldn’t resist.

There is a perfect moment seared in my overcooked brain, a second that froze in time, as I looked across the course to see Sanne Cant’s rainbow stripes. “You are in a race with the World Champion right now. This is not a charity event. This is not a joke. This is really it. You’re doing this.” 

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Seeking Unconventional Women: The Gorgeous Ladies of Enduro

The following is reposted from State College Laser Cat and resident #femdurobro, Lindsay Hall-Stec. You can read more about her adventures at


“The best rivalries are not about the rival. They’re about the insecurities that your rival brings out in you…” – Rogelio from “Jane the Virgin”


When I first read Gloria Liu’s Bicycle magazine article titled “That Time I Went Full Enduro” a few weeks ago, it was hard to get through it without my heart racing and my eyes welling up with tears. I had developed a bit of a girl crush on Gloria a year or so before, when I discovered the value of reading bike and gear reviews from a real person who I’d encountered in real life and whose riding style and terrain was close to my own. Gloria’s opinions held much more weight than any random woman in Colorado, California, or the UK talking about howwell (or not) bikes and gear performed. When she won both the enduro stage and overall enduro classification at the Tran-Sylvania Epic this year, I was stoked…and jealous, but knowing that it wasn’t my time yet, I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather see it go to.

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Laser Cat Shaniyla Hard at Work at BUP!

Quick Intro: A few weeks back, Team Laser Cats instagram featured a GoFundMe to help Shaniyla pay for a really cool summer program. That one didn’t pan out, but she managed to find another one that is doing great work in Baltimore. From the Baltimore Urban Program (BUP) website: “During this intensive 6 week internship students grow together in their understanding of the city, the ways God is at work here, and their own response and involvement as Christians. After initial orientation, students serve as interns with various Urban Ministries and non-profit organizations throughout Baltimore.” (Link to BUP “About” page

The following is cross-posted from BUP’s blog, an entry by Shaniyla Johnson. Excited to hear more!


By Shaniyla Johnson


I was reserved about leaving my house again as I’ve been all over the place this year. Do I really want to spend my summer away too? So many places, so little time.

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Grindcore scores a podium at Ramsey’s Revenge

Three years ago, I moved to Philly. I came from a land with few rocks and scant log overs. I felt like I had to completely relearn how to mountain bike. I got a bike that fit better, and I’ve broken some parts and collected some bruises overcoming physical and mental barriers.


A nice long downhill rock garden wasn’t something I used to look forward to. Photo: Paul Freeman

Sunday, I felt like it all came together. I lined up with no expectations but to ride a good ride and not get hurt. I didn’t start particularly fast. I watched the front group ride away. But the pieces connected, and by the end of the first lap, I found myself climbing into 3rd in the Pro/Elite field. I spent those next two laps just keeping on keeping on. Ride clean. Focus. Don’t get hurt. HAVE FUN. And I did. And I’m really, really happy about it.

Thanks to Bicycle Therapy for the new brake setup at the last minute. Those were essential!

Ramseys_Diego_FreemanDiego always has our backs. Photo: Paul Freeman