Team Laser Cats

Folks in Philadelphia who love bikes, cats, and snacks.

Meet TLC

The women of Team Laser Cats.

We’re a dynamic bunch, from women working in the bike industry and community organizations to academics to designers to food wizards. We’re united by a passion for the way bikes bring women like us together.

2019 Roster:

Abby Keller
Caitlin Thompson
Denise Wong
Elisabeth Reinkordt
Em Lowing
Emma Freymann
Erica Moe
Eve Maxson
Kate Sparacio
Knar Gavin
Lauren McNeil
Lindsay Hall-Stec
Mary Weston
Meghan Dinneen
Michaela Albanese
Sarah Mussoline
Stacey Hamblin


Extended Cat Family, Past Members, etc.

Contact us


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