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Folks in Philadelphia who love bikes, cats, and snacks.

Caitlin Thompson

woman helps girl learn to ride bicycle

Caitlin Thompson gives Little Bellas that extra push to independent riding!

Name: Caitlin Thompson

Occupation/Off-Bike Skills: I previously taught high school students math and now I work as an education consultant, helping schools and teachers create the inquiry-driven learning opportunities that they envision. I also started and currently run the Philadelphia chapter of Little Bellas. It’s my favorite way to #getmoregirlsonbikes!

Disciplines: I love cyclocross! I also enjoy riding mountain bikes and road bikes and occasionally do long-distance triathlons.

Cats or cat alternates: I’m sadly allergic to furry animals so I’ve been pet free since my fish passed away when I was a kid.

Favorite snacks: I love snacks! Mostly food that has a bit of chocolate, like a chocolate cherry Kind bar. And I’ll do anything for ice cream.

Why do you ride? 

I ride bikes for the community, the fresh air, the health benefits, the endorphins, and the funny-looking outfits.

Bike career highlights:

I’ve completed 3 Ironmans, the most recent one was in 2017 before my toddler turned 2.

Social Media: @misscthompson (Twitter), @caitlinjthompson (Instagram)