Team Laser Cats

Folks in Philadelphia who love bikes, cats, and snacks.


Welcome to the world of Team Laser Cats, the Philly-based amateur W/T/F/NB team sporting the finest Laser Cats Feline All-Stars gear.

Looking for info and resources from our WTF is Cyclocross School?

Meet the team! 

Read about our most recent adventures in Laser Cats on the Prowl!

We’re a small but mighty squad who believe in supporting each other and spreading our love of cycling. We’re united by a passion for the way bikes bring folks like us together and we generally aim to make the cycling and bike racing community more welcoming and inclusive to women, trans, and non-binary folks. We’re a dynamic bunch, from folks working in the bike industry and community organizations to teachers to academics to filmmakers to writers to massage therapists to produce wizards.

We believe that racing should always be encouraged, never mandatory. And it should be FUN!

You can find us on long adventure rides, playing in the woods, ripping downhills, circling the track at the velodrome, zooming on the road, and shredding on the cyclocross circuit.

We help lead the Philadelphia WTF 100 ride series and the WBPHL Devo Squad. We volunteer with Little Bellas, a MTB program for girls. We lead outreach nights and group rides (follow our Facebook for details). In general, we seek out ways to be involved in the community.

We intermittently look for a few new cats to add to our clowder. We’re always interested in diversifying our squad and especially encourage WoC, trans folks, and gender non-binary folks to apply. We are a Philadelphia-based team, though we do have a few members in outlying areas in southeastern/central Pennsylvania. If you’re interested in becoming part of TLC, please complete the application at

Support the squad with cozy, stylin’ gear!


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  2. Calling all Laser Cats!! Hope you can make it out to WCCX on Sunday. You team always brings a fun and competitive spirit to our race. Plus all LCs Will receive a Wawa coupon for a hot beverage
    Bob Reuther- WCCX

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