Team Laser Cats

Folks in Philadelphia who love bikes, cats, and snacks.

Currently recruiting!


Team Laser Cats is looking to expand! We’re especially interested in diversifying our squad and encourage WoC/T/F to apply. If you’re interested in becoming part of TLC, please complete the application here:…/1FAIpQLSfRq49ztJHvBiipP…/viewform…

The application deadline is 5:00 p.m., January 30, 2017.


7 thoughts on “Currently recruiting!

  1. Okay, I get the Women of Color, but what is the “T” and “F”?


  2. At this time, as in all times in our history, TLC is focused on creating spaces for people who may feel disenfranchised by traditional cycling infrastructure. As there are a variety of vehicles already for men within cycling, specifically cis gendered white men, we feel that our development resources are best focused elsewhere!

    If you like our kit, we’d love for you to head over to the Laser Cats and Such store (, where apparel in many styles is available for purchase! We love seeing people far and wide enjoying the kit!

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    • Yeah, I think you meant cisgendered, but that’s okay. I also apologize if you thought I wanted to be on the team, on rereading my comment I can understand why you mistook it. I just wanted a kit to be supportive of you.

      For the kits (I’ve got mine picked out), they’re Unisex sized, but do they size women? My wife is on our team (fortunately we’re a small town team so we support and appreciate ladies) and has a team kit, but her large is impossibly tight on me and I wear a men’s large pro-fit. I’m thinking I should go XL on the bibs and jersey just to be safe. Yes?


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