Team Laser Cats

Folks in Philadelphia who love bikes, cats, and snacks.

Eve Maxson


Alpe d’Huez Summit 2019

Name: Eve Maxson, aka Evil to the Maxson

Disciplines: For the first few years I was a die-hard roadie, but after dipping my toe into some CX racing I eventually worked up the courage to try MTB…and I’ve completely fallen in love with it. For now, you’ll still find me doing most of my miles on my road bike, but MTB with friends is where the party is these days.

Cats or cat alternates: My tiny dog, whose name is Benny, is for all intents and purposes a cat. He’s keen to sun bathe in puddles of sunshine, steal my heat through cuddling, and wake up from his morning nap so that he can start his afternoon nap. I’m actually allergic to cats so joining Team Laser Cats appears to be a form of self-inflicted exposure therapy for my cat allergy.

Favorite snacks: Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Snackable Dough Bites, which is technically a dessert, but details details…I also love to snack on dill pickles, Trader Joe’s salt and vinegar chips, adult carrots (baby carrots aren’t real), and sticky rice.

Why do you ride? 

I ride for so many reasons! I originally started riding while recovering from a running injury, but then eventually cycling became my main sport. I ride for the feeling you get when you’ve been training hard and you feel your legs responding, making you feel unstoppable, but also for the feeling of accomplishment after a race/ride that has pushed you so hard that you have to only focus on the next 30 seconds in order to keep going.

Another reason I love cycling is for the amazing community it creates, no matter the location. I think it’s so cool how bikes bring people together in a way that is so genuine, fostering friendships between people who wouldn’t have otherwise cross paths.

Bike career highlights:

  • Started the Bates College Cycling Club
  • Vätternrundan 300km in Motala, Sweden
    • 2016- 12 hours 6 minutes
    • 2017- 11 hours 7 minutes
    • 2019- 9 hours 8 minutes
  • Vätternrundan 315km in Motala, Sweden
    • 2021- 9 hours 23 minutes
    • 2022- 9 hours 21 minutes

Social Media: @eviltothemaxson on Instagram