Team Laser Cats

Folks in Philadelphia who love bikes, cats, and snacks.

Em Lowing


No such thing as bad weather

Name: Em Lowing, but most sports pals call me E-Lo. Pronouns: they/them

Occupation/Off-Bike Skills: Software engineer and resident nerd. I geek out hard on technology, sci-fi/fantasy books & TV shows, and baking. Current hobbies include lifting, making ice cream or salty chocolate chip cookies depending on the season, and taking pictures.

DisciplinesNone favorites! I’ve been a year-round commuter since 2007 (the weather was a lot cushier in San Francisco), and started racing road in 2018. Looking forward to keeping up with that, as well as veering off-course and into the woods with my new Cat pals.

Cats or cat alternates3 succulents named Seymour, Audrey, and Audrey II, who refuse to die no matter how negligent a plant parent I am.

Favorite snacks: The tofu banh mi at Fu-Wah. Miller’s Twist 3-for-2 pretzels on Tuesdays. Beiler’s apple fritter always.

Why do you ride? 

To stay off the couch and out of a car. To expand and deepen my relationship with my surroundings and cycling. To remain an active participant of and contributor to the w/t/f bike community in this weird and wonderful city.

Bike career highlights:

Riding fixed up San Francisco hills for three years.

Social Media: @emotikid on Instagram