Team Laser Cats

Folks in Philadelphia who love bikes, cats, and snacks.

Erica Moe

Name: Erica Moe

Occupation/Off-Bike Skills: I’m the Indispensable Assistant at Laura Schanz Consulting Associates and a seamstress for JALMODOVAR. My husband Justin and I live in Lancaster City, and do our best to spend as much time adventuring in the woods as we can. I tend to smile a lot while riding which usually leads to me having bugs catch rides in my teeth. It’s awesome.

Disciplines: I’m always down to ride bikes in the woods. Other than that you can find me commuting year-round, jumping into local alley cats, and goofing off on bikes with friends. I’m looking forward to tackling some gravel endurance, XC mountain, and cyclocross races in 2017.

Cats or cat alternates: No real pets now, but if I could bring home the animals I meet in the woods, I would have quite a wild little family.

Favorite snacks: Popcorn and mid-ride ice cream. If you’re sharing snacks, I’m not picky.

Why do you ride? 

What initially drew me into cycling was not the competition, but the wind in my (short) hair and the freedom and joy of getting places, cruising streets and climbing hills, by the power of my own two legs. My brain is healthier and my heart is happier when I’m in the saddle.

Proudest moments/Bike career highlights:

Do my four consecutive first place finishes in my elementary school Bicycle Rodeo count? Eh, probably not. I dipped my toes into the XC mountain biking world at the Iceman Cometh in Michigan in 2015. Now I’m riding as much as I can and soaking up everything bikes.

Social Media: @ericajoymoe on Instagram