Team Laser Cats

Folks in Philadelphia who love bikes, cats, and snacks.

Hillary MacBain

woman holds up sword prize at a bike race

Hillary MacBain takes 2nd place in her first race as a Laser Cat, Carpenter CX 2019

Name: Hillary “Hills” MacBain

Occupation/Off-bike skills: I work in digital marketing at Comcast – right now I lead on-site testing for Xfinity Mobile.

Disciplines: Road & Cyclocross

Cat or cat alternates: My perfect little pittie mix, whose name (and namesake) is Pumpkin.

Favorite snacks: Did you say snacks? Yes, all of them.

Why do you ride?

It’s hard to roll all my feelings about riding bikes into anything concise. I don’t know what got into my head that led me to buying my first road bike, but what started as an alternative to running has grown to be so much more. A hard ride clears my head and is the perfect salve for a bad day, and there’s little more satisfying than spending a full day in the saddle with friends (with a stop at a tasty bakery or ice cream shop, of course).

Cycling makes me feel strong, and sharing shoulder-less roads with cars brings a certain type of confidence that you carry long after unclipping. Cycling is freeing, but the predictability of one pedal stroke after another is a peaceful understanding – even in the middle of a crit. On the trail, cycling throws me out of my comfort zone (and sometimes off the bike!), and to learn and succeed and push the boundaries of what I can do is exhilarating.

Bike career highlights:

2018 brought my first podiums in crit racing and cyclocross, and I plan to bring the heat again this year!

Social media: I’m @macbainiac on Instagram!