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Folks in Philadelphia who love bikes, cats, and snacks.

Lauren McNeil

Lauren raises her hand in the air after a mountain bike race.

Lauren proudly finishes the Fair Hill MTB race!

Name: Lauren McNeil

Occupation/Off-Bike Skills:I’m a social worker, I work in the mental health field with children and families and I’m currently in the process of submitting my clinical hours to become a licensed clinical social worker! Outside of that, I coach and help out with the Bicycle Coalition Youth Cycling program.

Disciplines:Off road please! I really enjoy cyclocross and I’m getting into mountain biking. I’ll commute via road but I really prefer the dirt!

Cats or cat alternates: Zeke is my best friend, he is a cairn terrier and looks like Toto. He’s learning to like bikes and going to cross races.

Favorite snacks:I’m going to try to narrow it down. Hummus is yummus, chips n salsa, cookies. I love cookies

Why do you ride? 

Riding my bike began as more of a therapeutic outlet for myself. I ride because I move forward, both literally and metaphorically. Cycling has taught me I am stronger than I think, both mentally and physically. I see progress just as much as I see challenges with riding; it’s never boring, I can set new goals, I can grow. I find myself in that ~flow~ when I’m riding. We all need flow in life. I really love riding and want to share that passion with others.

Bike career highlights:

One of my race goals was to finish a race on the same lap as the leader and I did that this year. Finishing 10 races and getting my cat 4 cross upgrade! I think anytime I ride a particularly scary section with mountain biking I’m proud of it too!

Social Media:My instagram is @dogsareimportant !