Team Laser Cats

Folks in Philadelphia who love bikes, cats, and snacks.

Emma Freymann

Name: Emma Freymann

Occupation/Off-Bike Skills: I am a Freshman in High School, and work at Bicycle Therapy in the summer. In the future I plan to attend a art school like a RISD or SCAD.

Disciplines: I race cross and mountain bikes, but definitely prefer cross, and I have a very strong hatred for road.

Cats or cat alternates: Unfortunately, I do not have any cats, but have three dogs, Allie, Bernie, and Sven! Also I have two backyard chickens, who don’t really have names, but they’re pretty cool.

Favorite snacks: To be honest, if you give me a snack I most likely will eat it, but I tend to eat a alarming amount of popcorn.

Why do you ride? 

I love the community of people who race bikes, and love the cycling! I have tried playing other sports at my school that most people my age love to do, but I don’t really fit in with those girls, and am truly terrible at ball sports.

Bike career highlights:

My proudest accomplishment was the second day of Charm City, 2016. The first day, I did not have a great race and knew I could do better. I have never pushed myself so hard to get to the top three of a race.

Social Media: @emma.f19 on Instagram