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Vermont 50 as skills training!

Last Sunday, I (Taryn) took on the Vermont 50 as my sixth time on a mountain bike.  I am new to cycling in general, and have realized that the only way to learn and improve your skills is to spend time in your saddle.  A 50 mile mountain bike race is exactly what I needed to figure out the sport and improve my skills, but it wasn’t easy. Continue reading

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Hampshire 100: Taylor is a Laser Cat in a Lion’s Race

Taylor takes the start line of the Women's Open with 9 other tough ladies

Taylor takes the start line of the Women’s Open with 9 other tough ladies

I may have knocked out more “firsts” on this day than any day of my life prior. So, as you read on, keep in mind while I may be describing an experience that is common place for bike racers, I am likely engulfing you in details because it was a magnificently (or repulsively) fresh sensation to this Cat 4 everything. Continue reading