Team Laser Cats

Women in Philadelphia who love bikes, cats, and snacks.

Taryn Mudge

Women lining up for a cyclocross race

Taryn on the start grid at West Chester #1 2015

Name: Taryn “Tarynitup” Mudge

Occupation/Off-Bike Skills: All things architecture: Designer, educator, historian, currently working on my Ph.D. in Architectural History and Theory at Penn. I am also a huge yoga nerd and volunteer to teach yoga for cyclists with the hope that it will help prevent/repair cycling related injuries in my fabulously reckless bike community.

Disciplines: Cyclocross racing, adventure rides, go fast sometimes, laugh as much as possible

Cats or cat alternates: My main man The Harley Bird! He is a frisky Siamese alley cat from the streets of deep So’ Philly. #theharleybirdcat

Favorite snacks: Is coffee a snack? Love peanut butter, chocolate, gingery things, yogurt and sweet potatoes.

Why do you ride? 

Because it makes me happy: a deep, special, genuine, giggly kind of happy. Even when it’s hard and it hurts, I am still happy, it’s kind of like magic. Oh and also, amazing friends ride bikes too.

Bike career highlights:

My first time on a mountain bike gave me a concussion and bruised ribs. But my sixth time on a mountain bike I took on the Vermont 50, a fifty mile race with 8,000 ft of climbing. I was very determined to overcome my fear of mountain bikes, and I did. Now I spend as much time in the woods as possible.

Social Media: @trmudge on Instagram, #tarynituptuesdays on @teamlasercats Instagram