Team Laser Cats

Women in Philadelphia who love bikes, cats, and snacks.

Sophia Lee

Sophia races cyclocross in a donut costume

Sophia in her handcrafted artisanal donut costume at Swashbuckler Cross 2015.

Name: Sophia Lee, aka The Donut

Occupation/Off-Bike Skills: Architect, Educator, Maker

Disciplines: Racing: Cyclocross, Criteriums; Riding: Road bike centuries in beautiful terrain with good company

Cats or cat alternates: Window Kitties

Favorite snacks: H Mart snacks

Why do you ride? 

As someone who grew up with the view of herself as non-athletic, somehow I took to cycling as if I were a fish returned to water: it just felt natural. After picking it up to stay fit after a running injury, what kept me coming back was the community I became a part of, the friendships with amazing people I have met through cycling, a commitment to maintaining the health of my body, the indescribable rush of post-race endorphins, and probably biophilia (human’s innate need to connect to nature), as cycling takes me outside to enjoy beautiful landscapes.

Bike career highlights:

I have podium finishes in road, crit, track, and cyclocross. However, my proudest accomplishment is compiling donated parts to assemble Rocky Souperprestige, the cyclocross loaner bike that helps women try cyclocross.This sport has high barrier to entry with the need of a specialized bike, but I got into it because a friend loaned me a bike for several seasons. Rocky Souperprestige is my way of saying thanks, and paying it forward. My other accomplishment is riding across America with Bike and Build to raise awareness for and build affordable housing on the Providence to Seattle route with my incredible Bike and Builder compatriots.

Social Media: @wilderbahn, @rockycxbike on Instagram; Twitter: @wilderbahn; Rocky Souperprestige blog/website:; #SoCaturdays on @teamlasercats Instagram