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Women in Philadelphia who love bikes, cats, and snacks.

Roz Patterson

Woman racing cyclocross singlespeed through the woods

Roz is a singlespeed girl in an 11-speed world at Sly Fox CX 2015

Name: Roz Patterson

Occupation/Off-Bike Skills: Art Director at Verge Sports. Owner of private label RZ Designs, which is my cycling retail design line and freelance graphic design work. Pushing pixels and mother to an awesome dog in between.

Disciplines: Road, cyclocross, mtb and track.

Cats or cat alternates: Giro is a Canaan Dog I adopted March 2015. He was found in a dumpster in Egypt looking for food when he was 5 weeks old. The organization Pilots & Paws brought him to Brooklyn where I adopted him. He likes to touch faces with his paws, hanging out at cross races, and playing with trash.

Favorite snacks: Peanut butter and figs. Beef jerky. Coffee.

Why do you ride? 

Why not?

Bike career highlights:

My first cyclocross season was horrible. I got almost last in every race. The next year I ended up getting rid of my gears cyclocross bike and switched to a steel single speed built off of reconfigured road parts and clincher wheels. I spent most of my time learning to ride dirt. I ended up podiuming a good amount of races against geared bike racers and got my upgrade. It was super rewarding.

Social Media: @rozshambo and @rz_designs on Instagram