Team Laser Cats

Folks in Philadelphia who love bikes, cats, and snacks.

Lindsay Hall-Stec


Lindsay twisting through the trees at Crossasaurus Awesome 2015

Name: Lindsay Hall-Stec, aka State College Laser Cat

Occupation/Off-Bike Skills: I am a CRM Business Analyst at Penn State Outreach and Online Education. I live in State College, PA with my husband Frank, and when we’re not working or riding bikes, we pretty much lead a quiet life of Netflix and kitty cuddles.

Disciplines: I have been racing bikes in some capacity or another since 2006, starting with XC mountain bike racing and cyclocross. My focus has changed many times over the years between XC mountain bike racing, endurance mountain bike racing, cyclocross, and gravel. Living in State College the past few years with events such as the Rothrock TrailMix, Wilderness 101, and Transylvania Epic at my doorstep has rekindled my love of endurance MTB, but I also tried out new disciplines in fat bike racing and enduro during the 2016 season.

Cats or cat alternatesClementine G. Badcat and Mushu Goodcat

Favorite snacks: Craft beer (stout in the winter, Gose in the summer) and Cheesecake, but not necessarily together

Why do you ride? 

Because even when sitting on the couch sounds more appealing, I’m happier afterward when I ride. Also because I am an analyst/tinkerer in my real life and not just in my job. After 11 years of racing, I’m still pretty mediocre, but I’ve realized that I just really love the process of figuring out how to improve, even if I’ll never improve to the pro level. I love to set weird, hard, and obscure goals that matter to me, and relish the joy when I actually pull them off. Look for me surviving the uphills and railing the downhills in the 2017 Transylvania Epic.

Bike career highlights:

2011 Ohio Valley Cyclocross Series Cat 4 Women Series Champion 2013. Sub-9 Death March, 2nd place co-ed team. Finished the 2016 Wilderness 101 after several failed 100-miler attempts and a few years of giving up.

Social Media: @SlowPoke2320 on Instagram, #statecollegesaturdays on @teamlasercats Instagram