Team Laser Cats

Women in Philadelphia who love bikes, cats, and snacks.

Krista Ciminera (alumni)

Taryn and I celebrating 2nd and 10th!

Krista, right, celebrates her return to cyclocross racing with teammate Taryn at Caffeinated Cross 2015

Name: Krista Ciminera, aka Krusta/La Krista

Occupation/Off-Bike Skills: Barista & aspiring nursing student, playing drums and guitar in punk bands, creative non-fiction writing, illustration, screen printing, puns, feminisms, chronically ill with polycystic kidney disease

Disciplines: Cyclocross racing, adventure training on road/cx/mtb!

Cats or cat alternates: My favorite dog is teammate Meghan’s dog, Little. Please visit her @adognamedlittle on Instagram

Favorite snacks: Pretzels. Seltzer.

Why do you ride? 

Biking is one of the few sports that lets you exercise and explore at the same time! In about a half hour of cycling I can find myself in the quieter, prettier, weirder areas outside of the cities that I’ve lived in and I love to experience new places. It is a low impact sport that is easy on my achy body, and helps keep my blood pressure down which is one of the most important things to do for my chronic illness. The community is really welcoming and I’ve met some of my greatest friends through bike riding.

Bike career highlights:

I got my first road bike in the summer or 2012 and then competed in a 600 mile stage race a month and a half later! Most recently I competed in my first cyclocross race after 3 years of not racing, which was a big accomplishment for me as I manage the complications of my illness. And I had fun!

Social Media: @krusta on Instagram; @sisterkrister on Twitter; Tumblr:; #suddenlyKrista on @teamlasercats Instagram