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The Laurel Classic

By Lindsay, aka State College Laser Cat

This weekend turned out to be an unexpected race weekend for me. This makes the second summer in a row where I’m not quite ready to give up on my late-summer activities, but I know that the ‘cross season transition is coming up, so I just jump into a random race to get it over with. Last year I was working really hard on my gravel climbing late in the summer, so I decided to cap that off with the sudden decision to do a gravel race that was pretty darn flat and favored pack riding. The past few weeks I’ve been working on getting familiar with the stages of the Transylvania Epic with special focus on the enduro segments to prepare for my big 2017 goal, but  last weekend I decided to do a 22-mile climbing-heavy mountain bike race on terrain that I know nothing about. Basically, I say to myself, “Well, I’ve been working really hard and improving on this thing, so I’m totally ready to compete against other people, except let’s find a version that doesn’t really favor the aspects that I’ve been working on.”

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