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NO SCRUBS: An Off Road Alley Cat Race by TLC

Come Play Bikes With Team Laser Cats (TLC)!


TLC’s Trail Witches are hosting a cyclocross inspired alley cat race featuring some of Philly’s finest wooded areas! Continue reading


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My Weekend “Off” from Cyclocross

I’ve been racing a cross race every weekend since Granogue (which was the first weekend in September), so since I wasn’t registered for any race on this particular weekend, I was going to take a nice chill Sunday off to not race. Roz then told me she was doing Stoudt’s, her second race since the broken collarbone, and our neighbor Louis was going to race too—his second CX race ever. Well, looks like I am going to race after all. Continue reading

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How to Make a Perfect CX Donut

Swashbuckler Brewing

Team Laser Cats @ Swashbuckler! Photo by Hana Elum

We at Team Laser Cats tend to have unusual jobs and talents. For example, we have bike shop cats, hair stylist cat, chef cat, organic food coop food buyer cat, Laser Cats and Such cat boss: you get the idea. Up to this point, my profession (architect / adjunct professor) was definitely on the more “quotidian” or “normal” end of the spectrum. But this cat’s got some ~secrete talents~ that she’s been keeping under wraps for a little while, namely, a lifetime of making and designing. And when a lifetime of origami crafts, years of art classes in drawing/mixed media/ceramics, and a couple architecture degrees get harnessed, one can cough up a pretty awesome donut costume for Halloween (not to be humble about it or anything). Continue reading

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Junior racer Tamia joins up with TLC for her first CX Race

Team Laser Cats is very proud of the fact that our very own Sophia Lee started the Rocky CX project — a cyclocross bike designed to be used by women interested in giving cyclocross a try. Rocky was put together by loving donations from members of our community, including a frame from bona fide pro Arley Kemmerer. A couple weeks ago, Rocky traveled to West Chester CX #1 with Tamia Santiago, a junior road racer with the Cadence Youth Cycling organization who also works with Laser Cat Taylor Kuyk-White at Neighborhood Bike Works. Read on for Tamia’s first cyclocross experience, then hop on over to the Rocky blog for more stories on the bike’s adventures this season, or to chip in a donation Continue reading