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Women in Philadelphia who love bikes, cats, and snacks.

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Hampshire 100: Taylor is a Laser Cat in a Lion’s Race

Taylor takes the start line of the Women's Open with 9 other tough ladies

Taylor takes the start line of the Women’s Open with 9 other tough ladies

I may have knocked out more “firsts” on this day than any day of my life prior. So, as you read on, keep in mind while I may be describing an experience that is common place for bike racers, I am likely engulfing you in details because it was a magnificently (or repulsively) fresh sensation to this Cat 4 everything. Continue reading


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We #bikePHLdirt

The women of Team Laser Cats were proud to REPRESENT and WIN the Lone Wolf Cycling/Bicycle Coalition #bikePHLdirt photo contest. We love to shred off-road, and feel so lucky to have so many great mountain bike trails right within our city! Most of all, though, we were happy to show our community that women love getting out on the trails and have a blast doing it. So appropriate that a great photo by Michaela of Roz riding in the Belmont was picked as the winner! Continue reading