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Red Hook Crit – Brooklyn 8


Photo by God & Famous

A vaincre sans péril, on triomphe sans gloire.

Like the stuff of legends, Red Hook Crit polarizes opinions instantaneously. You either think it’s the most idiotic ridiculous fake race ever, or you actually know what it’s about: an event that requires courage, confidence, and extraordinary skill. Yes, it’s on brakeless track bikes on a crit course. Yes, that is unusual. Yes, I don’t recommend it for an average joe who happens to ride bikes occasionally. However, the next person who tells me that it’s a “glorified alley-cat with a bunch of untrained amateurs,” or that it is a race that is “adding risk, for the shear sake of having the risk” – if you’re brave enough to say it to my face, you will encounter a dark, dark side of me that you’d best leave alone. Yes, it is dangerous, but so is every other bike race. I have felt safer in the Red Hook Crit women’s fields than some as a result of the high caliber of women racers who participate.

OK, rant aside now: you guys, this weekend was just really fucking awesome. Continue reading


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Not-Race Report for a not-race a.k.a. Belmont Thursday ALL THE FEELINGS Y’ALL

Yesterday the Laser Cats got an amazing, ebullient text message from Sophia who was SO JAZZED on endorphins after doing her morning road work. That is 100% how I felt after going to my first-ever Belmont Thursday night mountain bike race. Through a years-long perfect life storm of weird work hours, injury, and surgery/rehab, I’d never been able to attend. In a weird way, I was kinda ok with this: the Belmont can be super intimidating and it seemed like it would only be more so when shared with a bunch of fast trail wizards.

I’ll admit it has been a mission of mine for some time to make peace with the Belmont; to gain some semblance of competence and proficiency with it. Continue reading

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Lower Providence Spring Classic: Joint Report by Michaela & Sam

Michaela: Crits do not fall into what I could consider my comfort zone when it comes to cycling. So I was surprised with myself when I found myself registering for another one after my less than stellar result at Navy Yard. However this would only be my third one, and the team has been so positive and supportive of me I was less scared of coming in second to last like I have in my previous two, plus Sam was also racing so if nothing else maybe I could help her out.

Continue reading

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MTB / CX Super Secret Ninja Camp: Sophia’s Report

As a roadie-turned-cyclocrosser, I never really learned how to do logs. Sure, over the years, I’d gained enough confidence on a bike to sort of haphazardly roll over the little ones that cropped up at races, but I always envied my mtb-turned-cyclocrosser friends who rolled over logs like they were so many feet of flat pavement. This needed to stop! Continue reading

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Philadelphia Navy Yard Criterium: Sam’s Story

At first I wasn’t excited to register and race due to a long winter of general laziness but I thought it might throw some motivation my way if I had something to work towards. Just two days before the race is scheduled, I come down with a solid sinus infection, so all expectations for the race went quickly out of the window. Continue reading

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Smiles for Miles at the Lu Lacka Wyco Hundo

Elisabeth "Grindcore" Reinkordt, Laser Cat spotted in the wild by photog Jules Benson

Elisabeth “Grindcore” Reinkordt, Laser Cat spotted in the wild by photog Jules Benson

After relocating from the epicenter of endurance backroad racing (Lincoln, Nebraska, home of Gravel Worlds) to the much more urban Mid-Atlantic last fall, I was excited about all sorts of new racing and riding opportunities and meeting all sorts of amazing women to ride with (hello, Team Laser Cats, Women Bike PHL Devo Squad, ladies of Arrow Racing, and so many others). However, I knew I’d miss getting up at the crack of dawn (or well before) to spend all day on the bike, pushing that odometer over the 100-mile mark. Continue reading

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